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I could have just listed all the benefits as you have seen in the presentations for the ClubAdvantage description here, but thought it would be better to hear from Glocal Income VIPs themselves.  So I have been contacting VIPs from even other lines of sponsorship as well as our own and asking them.  The answers vary as much as our own personalities. :)

One Merchant Affiliate VIP says: " well, number one would be the ability to advance the business I have currently...I have a bit more credibility with customers because I am part of a buying group.

Another Merchant points out the same but adds that he is able to provide a service to his customers that will improve their way of life as they too, can start the training as a VIP and learn to build their own profitable home based business.

"I'm a shopping nut!  What would you think would be the number one for me!?  I can shop in the comfort of my home and not have the fight of traffic, parking, and oh, yes, keeping track of a 2 year old trying to beat me to the next isle!"

"Friendships!  I have built many friendships with people from all over the world that I would never have been able to do sitting here in this small town working at my 8-5."

"My thought is that of the personalized training.  I have been in many networking businesses on and off-line and never have experienced the sincerity and personalized training that I am receiving here in the DHS Club."

"Live on-line forums with the CEO.  How often have you heard of a company, where the CEO makes time in his busy schedule to make sure that all who attend and even those who are unable (keeping in mind that they are recorded sessions), are kept up to date on the health  and direction of the company?"

"I like the ability of being able to own my own business and get training for it.  What other kind of business would give you support as far in to the future as you want?"

Another Merchant Affiliate, "The 'limitless potential' that WILL be incurred due to participation in the DHS Club."

"The excitement of knowing I am on the beginning side of a fast moving company would be the third...you don't always have that kind of opportunity to put a mark on something like this (The "I am heard!" kind of thing).

"The Auto Pilot program! Right now I am just about tied as tight time wise as I can be, hence, not enough time to do my DHS business justice in the recruiting and communications parts.  This gives me an opportunity to augment my efforts while I take training as I am able."

"Got to be the blessing of being able to help someone achieve their intermediate goals on their way to financial freedom. Also, watching as they in turn pass on the knowledge and becoming a leader."

"Being able to offer a quality service to anyone from any walk of life"

"Being part of a company that reaches out to all with a viable opportunity for financial and personal improvement."

"I like the rewards!  I go to a store in the mall and pay with my 'rewards added' type credit card and get rewards from DHS too!  From a shopper stand point, it doesn't get better than this!"

"I like to travel and now I can choose a location that is accepting the card, get my air fare, hotel accommodations, meals and more while earning rewards points.  I got nothing back on my last vacation......now that's going to change...yes!"

"As a mechanic, I challenge anyone to find a business where you are given tools and training on how to use them, as well as how to build for a true retirement."









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